Sims Houses

Every once in awhile I like to drag The Sims out and build some houses. My wife likes to do the interiors and grow the people. I'm more into messing around with the house design feature. Anyhow, here's some stuff.

Two Castles


Apartment Complex.

A row of apartments.

The kitchen in the castle.

The Castle. 3 floors above ground, 3 below. Garden House, moat, graveyard, etc.

 This was a farmhouse sim I worked up. Housed 8 sims, all green thumb, outdoor-lovin geniuses.

 During my space-age bachelor pad phase:

A large kitchen in one of the party houses.

The Orange House.

The 2x15 house.


Interior of a split-level.

Another space-age bachelor pad.

PartyHouse Theater.

Another Theather.

The Small House.


  1. I made a much smaller house than a 2x15 and I think it beat a record. It is in the Sims 4 and is a 3x3!